Good evening,

Yesterday was a big day for me, although not sewing related.

I went into work for a short period of time because when I texted my boss to let her know I would not be able to make it- she told me I had to come in.

I was very nervous, thinking I had done something wrong and was going to be terminated. Lo, and behold- she needed me to come in because she had nominated me to receive an award for Employee of the Month. I was completed shocked and speechless (which is saying alot if you truly know me 😉

There were a nice size group of people being awarded for tremendous service by the U.S. Army Garrison on Ft. Riley, Kansas and I was happy to be counted as one of them.

I have been with this wonderful company for 9 years and was happy to be recognized for the work I do. It just makes me want to do more and be better because I do not only want the praises of men, but I want to be pleasing to God in my duties also.

I hope to hear him say “Well done, my good and faithful servant”.


Much love from the Sew’l Sista.