Hi all.

While I was on vacation last month in South Carolina, my sister and I went to Joann fabrics on my last day there. We picked out some fabric with the sole purpose of my making this bag. I had no idea how it would come out and am well pleased with the end result.

I have not been sewing clothing lately as I have said before, because I have been in a slump. However, I have still been sewing. See, everyday during my lunch at work, a coworker (friend) and I would work on these “professional totes”. They are really neat and have lots of space in them. They are about 18 x 18 when completed and have LOTSSSSS of pockets.

There is a pocket on both ends, pocket in the front and pocket in the back- and that is just the outside.

There are also 2 pockets on the inside in the back, and 3 pockets on the inside in the front. And did I mention, there is a large center pocket?

Oh, and I forgot to mention 3 zippers to finish things off. Tired of me describing it- well here are some pics to give you an idea of what it looks like. Enjoy.

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Much love from the Sew’l Sista