Hiiiiiiii everybody.

I can’t believe it has been almost a month since I last posted. I really apologize for my silence. Alot has happened since my last post and I have just been getting along with this thing called life.
In prepartion for my trip to South Carolina this summer, I had lost a some weight was very happy with what I was becoming.

Well, I have since gained all of my weight back and in the place where we all hate to gain it- MYBELLY, ugh.

So, needless to say, I have not been sewing lately. Well, my sister-in-law came to my house a couple of weeks ago so I could show her how to make a ruffled skirt.
I will admit, I had lost my sewjo and did not feel like showing her anything. We started working on what was supposed to have been a skirt for my niece but started cutting out the wrong sized pattern, and ended up cutting HER size.

Because we cut her size, we did not not have enough of the patterned fabric to make the base for the skirt so we had to use a solid colored fabric.
She did not complete her skirt, but I became inspired to make one of my own.

I decided to experiment with a black and white ITY knit and used a red ITY as my base for the skirt. Well, since the skirt came out so well, I decided I needed a top to go with it.

I have seen these type of outfits on Zadie B’s website, and have always wanted to make one. I have always thought her dresses and outfits were gorgeous. Check her stuff out on her website-

Here is my version- what do you think?


On dress form


Back view


In action


And of course, the shoes.

All fabric was purchased from Fabricmartfabrics.com
Shoes- Giani Bini Slingbacks
Patterns used-
Top- Vogue 8536 and Simplicity 4095
Skirt- PDF from online

Much love from the Sew’l Sista.