The countdown will begin at 11:30 tonight and this stubborn little lady will begin her journey into the land of the unknown. We have been anxious for her appearance,  but none so anxious as her parents, although we grandparents are running a close second. My latest sewing has been all for her, from the puff quilt, to burp cloths, and my latest- this baby bag.  They were all labors of love, as I look forward welcoming my granddaughter.

I should have pics by this time tomorrow of the new addition to the family.  I am already in love with her, even though I haven’t met her yet.

More information  on  the bag:
This is the third time I have made a bag and each time I run into an issue.
Bag 1- zipper was put in upside down.
Bag 2- the bottom had to be completely sewn a different way and does not have interfacing in it.
Bag 3- After sewing the bottom panel, I realized I missed one side in the seam.

In none of these instances, did I go back and redo them (lazy on my part?) – maybe.  But all the hours on these projects may change your mind.

First off, there are 18 different pattern pieces. Most are cut as double (so really we are talking 36 pieces) then interfaced.
There are 3 zippers of different sizes.
There are 10 pockets and 2 of those are corded.
Oh, and did I mention the magnetic snap, velcro, key fob, and a luggage carrier.
Whew  I just got tired again thinking about it.  Lol

As I said, this bag is a LABOR of love, because after I had made the first bag, I said I would not make another – boy, I am so glad those words were  chocolate because I had to eat them twice. Lol

On this version, I made the straps thicker than on the other bags.
That was one of the major  changes as well as using 4 different fabrics instead of only 3.
I also used the reverse fabric on the top as an accent instead of what was called for.

Please enjoy and tell me what you think.

~Much love from the Sew’l Sista ~